The Darling Stagger

“Coming down to earth with a bang, I realised why this weekend was called the Darling Stagger. After all this fabulous food, serious walking is no longer an option. So we just staggered to !Khwa ttu, where Ivan gave us an introduction to San medicinal knowledge of the Fynbos vegetation. From !Khwa ttu we walked through the fields, vineyards, and olive groves of Ormonde and Alexanderfontein with stunning views of Table Mountain, Dassen Island, and the Atlantic Ocean behind us. The terrain varies from sandy & grid tracks to some tarmac roads or just through the fields.

The trail is not hard, you only carry your daypack and the distance is limited to about 15 km. I had no problems at all, so basically anybody in reasonable shape can do it. After about three quarters of the hike, we arrived at an idyllic setting in the olive groves, where a Bedouin type tent was erected, straw bales set out to give the old legs a good rest and a delicious light lunch of salads ready to be devoured. Natasha, Kyle and Morgan had done a sterling job!”
– Louise de Waal, Baobab Travel , The Darling Stagger

“A relaxed and comfortable hiking and cycling experience, with wonderful food, wine, olives and interesting evening activity that makes it a real treat for both locals and tourists alike.”
– Frank Dwyer, promoter of trails

Eve’s Trail

“The walk on the second morning down to 16 mile beach was lovely. I think it’s the right sort of length and gives one a good idea of the terrain. Mercia was able to tell us about various flowers and bushes and their medicinal uses and I think she achieved a good balance of sharing information in a light hearted and pleasant way.”
– Vicki Edwards, Eve’s Trail

“Well catered for! Loved the champagne and snacks at Kraalbaai and the meal at Suurberg. (flowers also were magnificent).” 
– Shaun Bloch, hiking enthusiast

The Five Bay Trail

“A wonderful way to walk out the cares of a stressful city life. It is an eye opener to the varied biodiversity that exists on the West Coast and how fragile it is.” 
– Melissa Baird, Five Bay Trail

“A very scenic, comfortable, easy and informative luxury weekend hike. “
– Shaun Bloch, Five Bay Trail

The Wheels of Time

“I thought it was a wonderful experience. I returned feeling energised and healthy – a wonderful three days. I am happy to have the memories captured in the photographs taken by Peter Schuman.”
– Joy Woodward, Wheels of Time

The Berg River Canooze

“Each day memorable in a different way – the Fossil Park, Julian’s amazing set-up, the stories from Nick and Petra, the birds in the estuary… A mixture of a bit of exercise, an experience in nature, getting to know an area that isn’t very familiar, as well as the representatives of a very interesting South African dynasty with gourmet meals throughout.” 
– Lindsay and Malcolm Ross, Berg River Canooze

“I was so impressed by the enthusiasm and obvious attention to detail that has gone into the trail. Without any exception the inclusion of locals in making the trail so enjoyable is a great tribute to the developers of the trail.”
– Mike Lillyman, Freelance Journalist