Spotlight on Verdi Alaart

Interview with Trail guide, Verdi Alaart…

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love the fact that I am meeting new people from near and far each time. I also like being outdoors and sharing my knowledge with people and in the same process learning from them – it’s simply awesome.

Q: how would you describe the Cape West Coast Biosphere Trails to someone in only one sentence?

Beautiful scenery, good food, comfortable accommodation, it’s basically an all-round amazing experience of the West Coast.

Q: Which of the Cape West Coast Biosphere Trails are your favourite and why?

The 5 bay amongst the others is one of my personal favourites. It was the first trail that I did as a guide along the West Coast; this together with its stretched out beaches and natural beauty provides a unique experience and therefore makes it one of my favourites.

Q: What are your inspirations?

My family is my inspiration. All that I do at the moment is in honour of my parents, and I try to support them as far as possible. I would like to see my younger brother and sister complete school, so that’s why I have to lead by being the perfect example for them. Just the thought of them keeps me buckled/focused. I believe if you live for yourself you live in vain, but if you live for others you will live again.

Q: Who are your mentors in life?

My Mother and father have always been my first and formal mentors. Along with all the great people I have met so far on my life’s journey. I believe one’s life is defined by the choices and associations one makes in life- that will determine how you really are or going to become. That’s the reason why I say my mother and father are my mentors-because they gave me the basic skills necessary to survive in life, like how to love and to respect others etc. They have always inspired me to be the best I can be-that exactly what I am going to be.

Q: What is your motto in life?

“Believe, work hard and you will achieve it”